About Velaans Energy

Customers, who began using HPCL products 2 or 3 years ago, today enjoy an excellent Market Service & Quality with Velaans Energy HP Products

Since2002 we have constantly analyzed a full range of innovative high quality HP Lubes to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. This means that in the future, you should expect from us new innovative HP Lubes with the latest technology.

We are in the Brink of utilizing innovative technology ( ERP system) for our customers were they can order and even pay online & also track their order online by saving time, Our flexible User Innovation Model has permitted us to have an stable growth.

Adopting Velaans Energy service means that having HP products that satisfy your day to day Operation needs so they make your business unhassled. Our business program enables to expand your unhassled Operations with an unmatched assortment of premium HP products and services that help you’re Operation and your success.

Velaans Energy has earned a solid reputation for offering high quality HP products and services that improve your Operations. How? By providing products and services that increase equipment life and enhance the efficiency of all equipment whether it be Heavy Duty Commercial or Industrial in its application.

At Velaans Engery, we take tremendous pride in providing the highest level of Service. When you call our numbers you will be greeted by staffs, which is knowledgeable and experienced in the various lubes that we carry. Each customer service representative receives industry specific training on the latest advancements in lubes technology including changing equipment and original requirements.

Regardless of the industrial market segment that you operate in: Metal, Forestry, Gas or Power Production, Foods, Plastics or almost any other area, your lube needs are very specific and require nothing less than the attention of a dedicated, experienced, and well-trained group. The Velaans Energy, Sales and Technical Engineering group can help you determine the right products to meet your needs.

We also have the support and resources of our various suppliers to deliver the value-added solutions that your business requires. Call today to have our Sales and Technical Engineering group meet your location to review your requirements and generate a lube solution for you!

Velaans Energy has been in business of supporting the Industrial market for over 14 years! The most important thing that we have learned is that equipment utilization and optimization is the key to a successful bottom line. Put another way… for every minute your machine isn’t producing something or your loader machine isn’t shoveling a load of something… you are actually losing money.

It’s for this specific reason that Velaans Energy places such a large emphasis on using only the highest quality products from HP, We at our Velaans Energy would like to take the chance to provide high quality HP Products& Services for very suitable prices. You can get in touch with our elite marketing group for further proceedings. Our CFA is located at (Chennai, Erode, Hosur & Bangalore)